Keynote Tips

Wrapped up attending the ModevUX Conference today. One thing I always notice during keynotes is that presentations could be improved. No matter what the conference, these principles can be applied and are usually warranted.

Bad Presentation

One of the biggest points, that I can’t stress enough is put all key information towards the top of the slide. This includes: links, twitter handles, key concepts etc.

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I feel compelled to share this since it has been a topic at home, work, and with friends.

Be sure to have your headphones or speakers turned down.

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OSX Menu Bar

Inspired by Brett Terpstra (@ttscoff) and Mark Frauenfelder (@Frauenfelder), I decided to dive in share what handy apps that I keep in the menu above.

OSX Menu Bar

Main menubar

From left to right are…

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BGR has released a photo of what they believe will be the new Amazon smartphone. Rumor has it the phone will have a 3D interface, gesture-based controls, and come with “Prime Data” powered by AT&T.

Amazon Smartphone

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Foursquare is splitting their app into two parts. One for check-ins and the other for finding what your friends are up to.

The concept is that check-in experience will become passive. Foursquare will be about search, discovery, and more on the interaction with the apps ( and your friends ) as opposed to get in and get out app experience that they have had thus far.


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Baron Fig Notebook

To this date, this is by far my favorite notebook. I take it with me everywhere. There are three types of paper for the Baron Fig Notebook: blank, ruled, and dot grid.


I purchased both the dot grid and blank version. The latter I use for sketching and the former, I use for planning my day.

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Facebook Open Graph

On a recent project, the problem that we ran into is that on the first share Facebook has not scraped the content then it won’t pull the proper description or image for sharing.

Facebook debug tool allows you to test to see if Open Graph is being utilized properly for your content. The problem is many times once it has been “debugged” the API is just scraping the content so it has what it needs. You either have to wait until someone shares your content first, if that works well, or manually scrape it yourself.

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In Google’s Chrome Canary the awesome bar has been tweaked. Not a fan of the interface adjustment. From the perspective of a search engine, it makes sense. However, from the perspective of the user it is a bit more confusing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.17.21 AM

Once the page has loaded, the URL is now in grey on the left hand side and the user can search on the right hand side. This reminds me of old versions of Safari but with a twist.

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Is that a ring on your finger? Nod is a gesture control ring that lets you turn your movements into commands.

Nod uses micro-gestures ( swipe, rotate, multi finger and 3D gestures ) which are much more sensitive than traditional gestures that have been used previously.

It allows you to type in the air, control interfaces across the room, and even adjust a smart thermostat such as Nest.

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Smartphones emit purportedly safe amounts of electromagnetic energy. Lunecase utilizes this and powers an iPhone case that displays notifications.

Lune Case

Amazingly the case does not need batteries. It is powered solely by your phone with no connections.

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