What to Read?

As a person that has over 900 books on his Amazon wish list, finding time to consume all the books that I want to seems daunting at times. I’m not a fast reader either. With the current list, if I stopped adding to it and read only one book a month, it would take me 75 years to read all of the books. If I read 4 a month, it would only take 18 years. Only. So, with that being said, I do have to prioritize my reading list.

How do I do that? Trello.

Previously, I’ve mentioned how I keep motivation at the forefront of my mind with Trello. I’m really leaning into organizing, doubling down on focus, defining my goals, and establishing a routine to sustain it all. Trello has been the perfect tool to do that with.

I have a few Trello boards set up. One for daily tasks, one for overall goals, and one for a backlog. The backlog gives a place to quickly store ideas, categorize tasks by project, and line them up to be pulled into the task board. Every Monday, I groom ( review and prioritize ) the task board bringing in action items for the week.

Yep, an agile life.


At the moment I’m reading about 2-3 books at a time. Two audiobooks and one Kindle/paper book.

The pattern that I use:

  1. Non-fiction Career Related book
  2. Non-fiction Personal Development book
  3. Fiction / Entertaining / or whatever I feel in the moment

The first two above are always on the list. The third listed dips in and out as I feel inclined. This gives some variety, breaks up the pace, and helps take a break from more serious subjects when needed. The format of what I’m reading varies depending on if the book is on audiobook, Kindle, or perhaps only paper.

I keep 3 of the books that I’m actively reading in the daily tasks Trello board as shown above. Each includes a thumbnail of the image, an affiliate link to it’s Amazon page for quick sharing, and what format I own it in. If I need to purchase a copy, I’ll include the price in the title.

Every week during my own backlog grooming, I’ll organize and edit the details of the list of books, as shown above, that I have noted in the Trello backlog.

As with any agile project, this will evolve over time. Having a framework in place really helps to maintain focus and, if it’s your goal too, read more.