What the Plus!

What the Plus!

eBook Review

What the Plus!, by Guy Kawasaki, is a tour guide and user’s manual for Google’s newest product: Google+.

This reference is great if you are just starting out with Google+ and want an extensive map on making the most of this new platform. And for the “experienced” early adopters who jumped on board in the beginning, you may be surprised to learn a few new tricks yourself.

Few of my favorite gems that I gleaned from the book are below.

Hangout Canopy

Hangout Canopy – Find other hangouts to join on Google+.

Creating a Poll

There is a quick and easy way to create a poll in Google+ using nothing but a post and comments. I’ll leave Chapter 14 to explain it in more detail.

Not sure what these references or social jargon mean? Get the eBook and enjoy.