Using a Journal to Appreciate the Small Things in Life

There are times where I get so focused on the day-to-day mundane tasks that I think to myself, “man my life is boring.” Other times, when things are slow, we can tend to lean towards the same thought of, “I never do anything”. When it’s super busy, our brains will often tell us, “You used to do a ton of fun activities, now there isn’t time for anything.” Etc.

In 2012 I started keeping a notebook; aptly titled “2012 Experiences”. Each month is labeled in bold type with a brief bulleted list of what new experiences I’ve had each month. A recent example:


  • Went to the theater after work and saw the movie, Black Panther. 2/15
  • Got a new haircut in a different style. 2/16
  • Woke up with news that my cousin had a baby boy last night! 2/20
  • UX Happy Hour with co-workers. Met new people as well as old friends. 2/21
  • Glad that Rachel mentioned OverDrive today. Was able to send library ebooks to my Kindle. 2/27

For those slow moments when the lizard brain just won’t let up, I look back on the previous months and think to myself, “Wow! my life is one adventure after the other.” This pushes me to reflect on the good that has happened recently and look forward to new experiences.

Life is about choices. The routine parts of life can be a bit boring but consistency always wins over time. Making a list creates a feeling of gratitude, points your mind in the right direction, and keeps your outlook positive. It’s been 6 years now since I first started journaling this way. It really made all the difference in the world.

Enjoy the adventures; one at a time. Savor life.