App Review

In 2007, I got my first iPhone. I remember one of the very first apps that I downloaded once the SDK was released was Woot Watch by Dave Rahardja. Hey, I’m a fan of Woot; the site that is all about a deal a day. What better way to keep up with it?

Rahardja ended up getting a job at Apple and was only allowed to maintain the app – bug fixes. Last update was Dec 15, 2010. Heck, the copyright still says 2009.

Woot has changed a lot since the above app was first written. We have “the reckoning”, moofi, deals.woot, and so much more.

I searched for a replacement app that was just as well done. And could not find anything. Until now.


Track Woot is the complete package. It has push notifications, gesture based navigation for all the woots, ability to browse “the reckoning”, view for deals.woot, browse past woots, woot off and more!

It supports: woot, shirt.woot, sellout.woot, wine.woot, kids.woot, home.woot, and moofi.woot. All within the same view. So many woots.

Really well done. And free.