Tribe Reading

Shortcut to Your Tribe

Your tribe, that group of people that you connect with, is important for growth. Push each other forward.

One of the best ways to grow is to read what others in your tribe have read as well. Find an author that really resonates with you, read everything they have written, and then read everything they have read.

In the same way, that word of mouth spreads exponentially, your reading list will grow by leaps and bounds.

Thanks to the wonderful age that we live in, there is a tool to help you seek out and visually map out a web of connections: Yasiv.

Simply type in your favorite book and press “Go”. Boom. When I did research on this for an example, I searched for Do the Work by Steven Pressfield and got 86 results! At the time of this writing, it’s over 386 products. The amazing thing is I have either purchased, added to a wish list, or read over 23 of the original results. Beyond that, it found books that I’ve never been exposed to that really fit what I want to read.

Screenshot of Yasiv