New Awesome Bar in Google’s Chrome Canary

In Google’s Chrome Canary the awesome bar has been tweaked. Not a fan of the interface adjustment. From the perspective of a search engine, it makes sense. However, from the perspective of the user it is a bit more confusing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.17.21 AM

Once the page has loaded, the URL is now in grey on the left hand side and the user can search on the right hand side. This reminds me of old versions of Safari but with a twist.

The Interaction

There are two interactions for using the awesome bar now. If you click on the grey URL itself, which I thought was the site, security information, you can edit the URL.

Awesome Bar, URL

Even though the search portion says “Search Google or type URL” it still takes me a second to figure out what to do. Then if you click on the search portion itself, the entire bar clears and the icon to the left represents search. Still not an indication that I can enter a website address.

Awesome Bar, Search

This may or not make it into the public build of Chrome. However, in it’s current iteration I can see this being more confusing than intuitive.

Source: Chrome Canary Version 36.0.1951.0

Update: As of version 36.0.1966.0 this has been removed as default. However you can enable the Origin Chip in Omnibox by typing the following into the awesome bar: