My Top Apps of 2016

Alright, lets take a look at the apps that I used the most in 2016. I’ll also make note of the apps that have been replaced by another app in the same category.

Apps that I use the most

  • Fantastical – Calendar app of choice on iPhone for 2 years now. Use it a ton on my Mac.
  • Snapchat – Used nearly every day.
  • Simple – still love my bank.
  • Camera – use the built in iOS app a ton now, sorry Camera+.
  • Wallet – formerly Passbook, built in iOS app. Use it for flights, movie tickets, Coca-Cola rewards, and more.
  • Audible – favorite way to read.
  • Instagram – posting more again.
  • Inbox – use this daily. Tried using the new Gmail app. Wish it either had the option to delete ( swipe left ) or archive ( swipe right ). Having one or the other is a ‘meh’ option for me.
  • Facebook + Messenger
  • Swarm – checking in. Helps build my minimal journal.
  • Safari
  • Slack
  • Twitter – find myself using the native app more. Mainly due to the variety of notifications it gives.
  • Way of Life – routines app.
  • Castro – new podcast app. Organizes by feed instead of podcast. So far, great.
  • Paprika – organize my favorite recipes.
  • Lose It! – health app, used since 2009.
  • Apple Music – Updates have made the service better, still not great though.
  • Robinhood – no fee stock trading.
  • Trello – use it at work, and less at home. This wasn’t always the case. Pro tip: don’t create too many boards 🙂

Apps that I’ve been using less

  • Tweetbot – Use this mainly on my Mac. Less so on iOS.
  • Simplenote – easy note taking. Use it less, mainly for scratch notes.
  • Google Chrome – for iOS.
  • Headspace – guided meditation for mindfulness.
  • Overcast – Not being able to star or favorite episodes to come back to ended up with me using this less.

Apps that I have my eye on

  • Ulysses – writing app for a future project. Both Mac and iOS.
  • Alexa – just recently bought an Echo Dot. Enjoying it so far.
  • Super Mario Run – finally. Seriously enjoying this.
  • Apple News – find myself using this stock iOS news app more as its also now a widget in the lockscreen.

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