Motivation With Trello and YouTube

Personally, I use Trello all the time. It’s a great tool for planning out projects, keeping track of a to-do list, or organizing your thoughts into actionable tasks.

Lately, I’ve been doing some goal setting and deep diving into some areas that I want to see growth in. With setting goals, I’ve decided to also create guideposts.

Guideposts are the physical reminders of goals and the set direction that I want to go in.

Examples? Visual reminders on a cork board. Custom made signs around my living space. Notes to myself.

For instance, if I wanted to consistently eat healthy every day during the week. Keeping in mind “the why” or the value behind the goal, which in this example would be “I want to eat healthy to lengthen my life.” The visual counterpart, or guidepost, would perhaps be a picture of some great food that I made, and then printed under that photo would be “Eat healthy. Lengthen life.”

These are great, but considering that I’m on a computer for a good portion of my day. I thought I would create digital guideposts as well. This idea led me back to Trello. Setting up Trello cards that correspond with my values. Something that I can refer to again and again. Now let’s go further.

Guideposts keep up the motivation. But sometimes, let’s be real, motivation needs motivation. ????

I follow quite a few YouTubers and I’ve hit on a few posts recently that really kept me motivated. They really pump you up, inspire, and it’s helpful in those moments when you really need a Turbo Boost.™

As shown above, a pretty awesome feature of Trello is that if you comment on a card with a YouTube link, then it will create an embed of that video and you can listen to it within Trello itself.