Mobile Me: Archive Email

Archive Messages

Around June of 2010, Apple refreshed the Mobile Me website. Part of that refresh was an updated webmail. In Apple’s own words:

As your inbox grows, MobileMe webmail gives you new ways to manage it — including mail rules that organize incoming messages across all your devices, single-click archiving for messages you aren’t ready to delete, and improved junk mail filtering.

Archiving is a great way for getting email out of your inbox but not deleting them. It allows for fast processing of email. Below you will find a guide for getting started with Archiving using Mobile Me on the web and your Mac.

General Setup

  1. Login to Mobile Me.
  2. Create a new folder called “Archive” ( or whatever it would be in your native language ).
  3. Done! New button is now in the web app that you can use to Archive messages instead of delete.

iPhone Setup

There is no native way to enable this on iPhone as of iOS 4.3.

Mac Setup

As of this writing there isn’t a way to accomplish the Archive functionality natively in via preferences. However, it can be done.

  1. Configure your Mac to use Mobile Me, including adding it to
  2. Your Archive folder will automatically show up. Reason being is that Mobile Me is IMAP based. ( IMAP, meaning emails stay on the server and sync with all your devices. )
  3. Thanks to an amazing developer there is a extension. You can grab it for free at: – Install and there you go!

A Note on GMail

Interestingly enough, if you have a gmail account, you can natively Archive email on an iPhone using the built in Mail iPhone app.

As for the Archive extension for Mail, it works with Gmail too.