Localized Product Designs: LG Microwaves

Inspired by a Pogo video, I researched the microwave displayed, and what I found was varying products depending on the geographic region.

American Microwave

The product geared towards Americans, a microwave / oven combination. Now you too can warm up pizzas, frozen foods, and biscuits. Talk about stereotypical fattening American cuisine. Leaves one wanting something to actually help you cook. Perhaps the goal was to focus on “heating”.
LG 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Baking Oven
It even has an “Auto Pizza Mode” that “… automatically adjusts cooking times for fresh or frozen pizzas in addition to various baking treats and frozen foods.”

Sad that Americans are perceived as frozen food / pizza loving consumers. I’m of the opinion that the food industry has steered us in that direction based on the fact that processed food cost has declined due to subsidies and fresh product prices have skyrocketed. Moving on.

UK Microwave

This practical microwave has a few features of interest. The first being iWave, it generates “…many hot points within the cavity, by reflecting and rotating.” This allows you to have even cooking instead of the conventional method.


Not only does it cook more evenly, it has a fantastic power saving mode. How wonderfully practical indeed.

Indian Microwave

My favorite out of the three. The Charcoal Lighting Heather ( microwave ) has a 10 year warrenty, 132 Indian Menus built in, indian bread basket, steam chef, and a motorised rotisserie.

The Barbeque Comes Home With The New LG Microwave Oven Charcoal Lighting Heater

Global Market

Interesting to note, the American page had tons of pictures split into sections with minimal copy. The UK version had minimal copy and pictues. More focus on where to buy. The Indian version read like a spec sheet with very detailed information about the product’s specifications.

LG - Indian Spec Sheet

Cultural differences lead to variations of products and their associated marketing. That being said, in the truly global market that we live in today, I believe that variety and choice could spark an increase in sales within product categories.

When literally everything is a click away and purchasable in an instant, why not? Keep iterating, roll the best features into a premium device. Have a basic no frills option too. Make power conversion modular. Remove the limitations of region specific hardware.

The video that inspired this post.