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How to Speed Up WordPress

With just a few adjustments, you can speed up your WordPress experience, these are some of my favorite options.


By far, the best option that you have is choosing a great host. There are many options out there. If you can, for speed reasons, try and find SSD hosting. Personally, I’ve tried a few different hosting companies over the years. Two that I highly recommend are:

Amazon Lightsail

For those that like to have a DYI host, this is a great inexpensive option. Linux plans start at $5/mo with a free month to try it out. In my research, I tried another “WordPress” managed host, which had a 4.68 second load time for my website. When I switched to Lightsail load time decreased to 826 milliseconds. Wow!

Amazon Lightsail screenshot

Cost: $5+/mo | Visit Hosting


If you want something 100% managed and tailored to WordPress hosting, wpengine is your best bet. They have excellent 24/7 hour support, which is available via live chat or email. They start at $35/mo for one site.

WPengine Screenshot

Cost: $35+/mo | Visit Hosting


This is always a mixed recommendation. Too many plugins and you will slow down your website. Find the right plugins and you can improve performance.

I try and balance plugin choice between “usefulness” and “convenience”. Those that save me time as a developer and then there are those that add functionality to the site itself.

WP Rocket

There are many plugins that promise to boost speed. This is a well made and well-designed product. The user experience (UX) of this plugin is amazing.

WP Rocket Screenshot


Personally, I use Cloudflare as an added layer of protection on my site. It’s great for caching too. WP Rocket integrates seamlessly with the service. My favorite feature? One-click access to clear my cache when doing development work. Such a time saver! WP Rocket has a ton of features, I encourage you to check them out for yourself.

Cost: $39/year | Visit Plugin


This service was created by the folks at WP Rocket. There are desktop tools that do similar but the ease of use and convenience of this plugin makes the cost more than worth it.

Imagify screenshot

As soon as you upload an image either in the Media section or using the “Add Media” button, the plugin will compress the image. This saves so much space on your web server and decreases page load time.

Cost: $5/mo or $10 one time | Visit Plugin

WP Offload S3

Speaking of images, Offload S3 is a great tool no matter what web host you use. It allows you to store all Media files uploaded to WordPress to Amazon’s S3 service. S3 is super inexpensive cloud storage.

WP Offload S3 screenshot

The user experience ( UX ) really makes this plugin worth it. The setup is super simple and it “just works”. It integrates into the Media areas in WordPress. You can choose to upload all your images to S3 or you can be selective. It also works seamlessly with Imagify, which is amazing.

Cost: $59+ ( many plans ) | Visit Plugin


WP Migrate DB Pro

Ok, so this plugin doesn’t increase the speed of your site. However, it will increase the speed of your development. If you work with WordPress a lot. This is a wonderful time saver.

WP Migrate DB Pro screenshot

If you are moving web hosts, this plugin will copy your database to the new host. Or for instance, if you want to set up a developer environment on your local computer, it’s a great plugin to quickly copy your database over. Much faster than using the older “export/import” functionality. In addition, there is an add-on to the plugin that will do a two-way sync with media files uploaded to the install.

Once you experience how much time you save, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Can’t recommend this plugin enough.

Cost: $249/year | Visit Plugin

Thanks for checking out this list. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to my plugins. Hope you enjoy!