Google Chromecast

Overall Impression

The setup was much easier than I anticipated. It only took a few minutes and I was up and running. However, I do not feel the average person will “get it” in terms of how to use Chromecast properly. It is too decentralized. Set up the hardware, find an app or URL, install browser plugins, and hope content streams properly. It seems too disjointed overall. Great for geeks, not so much for the average consumer.


I plugged the Chromecast into my TV. The TV also comes with a USB port so the Chromecast is also being powered by my TV. Cleverly that saved one additional power outlet.

Chromecast Box

At the time of this writing, Google had just released the new Chromecast app for iOS.

Chromecast App

Once the device was plugged in, I tapped “Set Up a New Chromecast” as shown in the screenshot above.

Chromecast - Wifi

Then switched my iPhone to the Wifi network that the Chromecast had created.

Wi-Fi Settings

During this process, Chromecast was displaying the following on the TV:

Chromecast - Set me up

Once the Chromecast network was chosen on the iPhone then it was able to proceed to the next steps.

Chromecast - iPhone Found

Chromecast - Setup Code

The next steps were to choose a name for the Chromecast and set my wifi settings.

Chromecast - Setup

That was it. The Chromecast was configured and and ready to cast. Once it is setup the app and TV will look like below:

Chromecast - Finished

Chromecast - Ready to Cast

How to Use

This is where the experience breaks down in my opinion. You can either stream your browser window to the TV using a Chrome extension or locate the button in supported apps ( shown below ). That is it.

Chromecast - Youtube


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