Favorite Tools for Productivity

Using the right tools can really make all the difference in the world. These are three that I’ve been using lately that I really love.


Whether I’m researching information, creating a draft for a blog post or find a website I want to come back to later, I use Evernote. It has a Google Chrome extension that lets you clip any website. I use it all the time. It also syncs with iPhone, Mac, PC and the options are constantly growing.


As the name implies Simplenote is just that – simple. Like Evernote, it syncs with the web and computer in real time. I use this mainly for jotting a quick note in my iPhone. It syncs to my Mac via an app called Notational Velocity ( there are many other alternatives ). Basically it’s my “scratchpad”.


Based on the GTD method to task management, Things offers a simple and easy to use interface. I’ve tried other similar apps out there and I keep coming back. You can create projects, add tasks universally to an “inbox” and schedule tasks. It keeps me going. The iPhone version of this app is great for logging tasks at random during your day.

Many times I will want to remember something, say a website, when I get back home so I will quickly write it down in Simplenote. Then get home and research it fully with Evernote. Maybe that leads to a blog post or spawns three new tasks in Things. Overall these three apps keep me productive on a daily basis.