March 4, 2016

I’ve lived in Baltimore, MD for five years now and enjoy traveling. I frequent DC and NYC on weekends. I try and fly once a month. It helps me relax, gives a change of environment, and sparks inspiration.

Enjoy crafting responsive designs for a wide variety of devices. Will code HTML5/CSS/jQuery and PHP on projects from time to time. Love creating my Art.

I spend my time on these things:

  • My 9-5 job as a UX Design Lead.
  • Writing new blog posts, mostly on creating art and that which inspires me.
  • Planning and designing a Tiny House of my own.
  • Reading every day.
  • Now taking on new freelance projects. 1 of 3 slots available. For more info, say hello.

Part of my plan to work out more has been using the concept of play. I’ve started hiking on weekends to get more exercise — even if there is snow on the ground. Have been eating Paleo consistently now with a cheat meal twice a month on a Sunday. Focusing more on my health. Since Jan 26, I have lost 15 pounds. More to come on my routine.

This page was inspired by the awesome Derek Sivers.