April 18, 2016

Currently based in the Washington DC metro area. Enjoy traveling. I make plans to fly once a month. It helps me relax, gives a change of environment, and sparks inspiration.

Love crafting responsive designs for a wide variety of devices. Will code HTML5/CSS/jQuery and PHP on projects from time to time; creating my Art.

I’m currently spend my time on these things:

  • My 9-5 job as a UX Design Lead.
  • Writing new blog posts, mostly on creating art and that which inspires me.
  • Planning and designing a Tiny House of my own.
  • Reading every day.
  • Working on apps that scratch my own itch. More to come.
  • Now taking on new freelance projects. 1 of 3 slots available. For more info, say hello.

Part of my plan to work out more has been using the concept of play. Hiking has been a real joy in my life now. I go on weekends to get more exercise. Have been eating Paleo consistently now with a cheat meal twice a month on a Sunday. Focusing more on my health. Since Jan 26, I have lost 20 pounds. More to come on my routine.

This page was inspired by the awesome Derek Sivers.