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Book Review

Justin Jackson’s book Jolt: Marketing Tactics for Programmers, Designers, Freelancers, Makers, and Entrepreneurs was a great way to start off the year.

It really does give you a Jolt of inspiration.

This book is a great resource for marketing your new product, software, idea, book, or any project that you want to promote. It teaches you to, “Be different, break out of the mold, and surprise folks”.

Justin provides case studies, examples of websites and services using data that you might not known before.

Show Up First

One of the stories he provides is about being first to the party:

There is a first mover advantage that you get on any new platform. In the early days of Twitter, people who grabbed a foothold there were able to amass a big number of followers, even though they might not have been famous elsewhere.

I joined Twitter in May 2007 and can attest to this. Those of us that were there at the beginning ended up with much more engagement with early adopters, forged friendships, and benefited from the platform. Whale is an upcoming platform that I’m seeing the same pattern emerge as I did then.

He goes on to say:

You can set yourself up to create [luck]. Quantity is what gets you to quality. Start placing little bets; try a bunch of things. One of them might work and become big.

This is great. Validate your ideas. Try to see what works, evaluate the data, and keep iterating on what does work. That’s the key. Look back at what you’ve done, revise, and keep pushing forward.

Favorite Authors’ Books on Sale

A few of my favorite authors’ books for Kindle are on sale on Amazon right now. They were so good that I had to share.

Remember, Amazon sales end quickly so I wouldn’t wait too long if anything strikes your fancy.

4-Hour Work Week The 4-Hour Workweek ( expanded and updated — 91% off ) by Tim Ferriss is on sale for $1.99. | Bring automation and efficiency to your business.

Choose Yourself Choose Yourself by James Altucher is on sale for $.99. | The world has changed. Learn how to leverage those changes.

The Choose Yourself Guide To WealthThe Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth by James Altucher is on sale for $.99. | New rules for making money based on recent changes in society.

Crush It!Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck is on sale for $3.99 ( 82% off ) | Do what you love. No excuses.

Strengths Finder 2.0

I was recently recommended to give the book Strengths Finder 2.0 a quick read. It is very much a short read but worth it indeed. The book shows you the importance of building your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.

Recommended to get it on Kindle format as your online code is emailed immediately.

It includes an online code to take Gallup’s StrengthsFinder quiz, which reveals your top 5 strengths. I won’t go into all of mine, but my first one was incredible: Ideation.

Steal Like An Artist

Steal Like An Artist

Book Review

There are many books that I’ve read. My library continues to grow – even with books that I haven’t read yet. My favorites, the best that really speak to me, are few in all honesty. Lately, I’ve been reading a string of books that I wish I would have had 10 years ago ( Linchpin, Design Is A Job, etc.. ). Steal Like An Artist is now on that list.

What the Plus!

What the Plus!

eBook Review

What the Plus!, by Guy Kawasaki, is a tour guide and user’s manual for Google’s newest product: Google+.

This reference is great if you are just starting out with Google+ and want an extensive map on making the most of this new platform. And for the “experienced” early adopters who jumped on board in the beginning, you may be surprised to learn a few new tricks yourself.

Design Is a Job

Design Is a Job

Book Review

Seriously. If only I would have had this book 10 years ago.

Jeffrey Zeldman, thank you for pushing Mike Monteiro to write. The design world will be a better place for it.


Book Review

There are very few books that I can say truly changed my life. Linchpin by Seth Godin is one of those books.

I Will Teach You to be Rich

I Will Teach You to be Rich

Book Review

Most people are taught money management skills when they are younger. They either learn by observing, experience, or from their peers when they get older.  And then some of us need a book…

I Will Teach You to be Rich, is a great irreverent style book. It is geared towards young people ages 20 to 30. This no nonsense approach teaches you that there is more to saving money then breaking your habit of lattes.

The Power of Less

Book Review

One of my most favorite books ever. Repeatedly, I try to consume it as much as possible: hardcover, Kindle edition and audiobook. This book has changed my life.

Do one thing at a time. Do it well. – Leo Babauta

The Power of Less is a testament to itself. Author Leo Babauta hits the right points and delivers in a clear concise way. No clutter or fluff — just what you need.

The 100 Thing Challenge

Book Review

In January 2011, I read The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno. I highly recommend reading the book if you are looking to simplify your life. Many of us have different reasons for doing so.

Personally, I had been toying around with the idea of scaling back my possessions to only the necessary. And then I found this book.