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Bear TagCons -- tag icons

Tag Icons in Bear 1.4: The Tags Edition

Can’t figure out which tag produces an icon in Bear? I was able to dig through the application files and find references to them. I’ve put together this post as a quick cheat sheet or reference guide, which will help us find those elusive bear tag icons.

For a bit of background, the excellent notes app Bear released version 1.4 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. With that update came a new feature, TagCons, that assigns a small icon to represent over 100 tags. Unfortunately, there is no official documentation for what the supported tags are.

From their blog:

Once you get a decent tag collection going, it can get harder to find the right one in your Sidebar. To help you do less scrolling and more finding in Bear 1.4, we added over 100 TagCons — small icons for some of the most popular tags we could find.

Bear Icon Examples


With a bit of digging. I was able to find the following:

#apple watch#
	* saitama
	* one punch man
	* one-punch man
	* one punch-man
	* onepunch-man
	* cooking
	* development
	* it
	* itc
	* doggos
#doctor who#
	* book
	* epub(s)
	* ibook
	* book
	* kindle
	* coffee
	* nerd
	* nerds
	* nerdy
	* TV
	* hulu
	* netflix
	* iPad Pro
	* iphone
	* iphone 7
	* iphone 7+
	* iphone 8
	* iphone 8+
	* iphone x
	* iphone7
	* iphone7+
	* iphone8
	* iphone8+
	* debian
	* suse
	* ubuntu
	* lmao
	* fun
	* meme
	* rotfl
	* macos
	* mario kart
	* mario odissey — misspelled odyssey 
	* mario world
	* super mario
	* super mario brothers
	* passwords
	* mlb
	* nba
	* nfl
	* nhl
	* nes
	* nintendo 64
	* snes
	* supernes
	* wii
	* wiiu
	* porn
	* ps1
	* ps2
	* ps3
	* ps4
	* ps4 pro
	* subreddit
	* subreddits
#shiny frog#
	* shinyfrog
	* fashion
	* nintendo switch
	* design
	* ux
	* windows 8
	* windows vista
	* windows xp
	* windows8
	* windowsxp
	* xboxone
	* youtubers
	* youtuber

Bear Icon Examples

Be sure and bookmark this as a reference. I’ll be adding more to the post as I find them.

My Top Apps of 2016

Alright, lets take a look at the apps that I used the most in 2016. I’ll also make note of the apps that have been replaced by another app in the same category.

Apps that I use the most

  • Fantastical – Calendar app of choice on iPhone for 2 years now. Use it a ton on my Mac.
  • Snapchat – Used nearly every day.
  • Simple – still love my bank.
  • Camera – use the built in iOS app a ton now, sorry Camera+.
  • Wallet – formerly Passbook, built in iOS app. Use it for flights, movie tickets, Coca-Cola rewards, and more.
  • Audible – favorite way to read.
  • Instagram – posting more again.
  • Inbox – use this daily. Tried using the new Gmail app. Wish it either had the option to delete ( swipe left ) or archive ( swipe right ). Having one or the other is a ‘meh’ option for me.
  • Facebook + Messenger
  • Swarm – checking in. Helps build my minimal journal.
  • Safari
  • Slack
  • Twitter – find myself using the native app more. Mainly due to the variety of notifications it gives.
  • Way of Life – routines app.
  • Castro – new podcast app. Organizes by feed instead of podcast. So far, great.
  • Paprika – organize my favorite recipes.
  • Lose It! – health app, used since 2009.
  • Apple Music – Updates have made the service better, still not great though.
  • Robinhood – no fee stock trading.
  • Trello – use it at work, and less at home. This wasn’t always the case. Pro tip: don’t create too many boards 🙂

How to Use Stickers in the iOS 10 Messages App

With the launch of the iPhone 7 also came the debut of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 10. This latest version of the OS brought with it a ton of new changes, improvements, and added features.

One of those new features is the ability to add stickers to text messages in the Messages app ( or iMessage ).

I’ve had a few people ask me where to find them so I decided to make a short video to walk you through it.

Mister Bacon – delicious bacon stickers for Messages. ( app store )

My Top Apps of 2015

Inspired by this post from M.G. Siegler, I’m taking a look at the apps that I used the most in 2015. I’ll also make note of the apps that have been replaced by another app in the same category.

Apps that I use the most

  • Fantastical – Updated the app for both iPhone and Mac.
  • Simple – great bank.
  • Robinhood – no fee stock trading app.
  • Apple Music – sadly the convenience killed the Rdio star.
  • Lark – conversational health app for food logging and exercise. This has potential.
  • Swarm – gamification is back!
  • Facebook + Messenger + Groups
  • Tweetbot – still my favorite twitter app.
  • Trello – organizes my life.
  • Slack – best work collaboration tool. Period.
  • Evernote – long term note storage and information collection.
  • Simplenote – easy note taking. Use it for everything.


Every hour, the app plays the sound of a tibetan singing bowl.
It reminds you to be mindful and take a break.

It was created to be subtle. You can adjust bowl volume. It displays how long it has been since you’ve taken a break in the OSX Menu Bar.

I love it because it does not interupt your workflow, take over the screen of your computer, or induce a negative response to the act of being mindful.

Simple yet elegant.

Download the app and give it a try.

My Top Apps of 2014

Inspired by this post from M.G. Siegler, I’m taking a look at the apps that I used the most in 2014. I’ll also make note of the apps that have been replaced by another app in the same category.

Apps that I use the most

Favorite Apps in my OSX Menu Bar

Inspired by Brett Terpstra (@ttscoff) and Mark Frauenfelder (@Frauenfelder), I decided to dive in share what handy apps that I keep in the menu above.

OSX Menu Bar

Main menubar

From left to right are…

Pop for iOS


App Review

Only what you need, when you need it.

Pop has quickly become an app on my iPhone’s home screen; one that I use daily.

Paper by FiftyThree for iPad Review

Paper by FiftyThree for iPad

App Review

Paper by FiftyThree is a beautiful app for iPad. The attention to detail is amazing. It is great for sketching or jotting down ideas. In this review we will look at the pristine interface, realistic brushes, color options, and other gesture features.


App Review

In 2007, I got my first iPhone. I remember one of the very first apps that I downloaded once the SDK was released was Woot Watch by Dave Rahardja. Hey, I’m a fan of Woot; the site that is all about a deal a day. What better way to keep up with it?

Rahardja ended up getting a job at Apple and was only allowed to maintain the app – bug fixes. Last update was Dec 15, 2010. Heck, the copyright still says 2009.