Calendars for 2019

I’m a big fan of the Don’t Break the Chain method of achieving my goals. For each day that I accomplish the 3 main tasks that I set out to complete, I mark a day off the calendar. It’s a great way to visually map progress.

Steal Like an Artist

Usually, I buy Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist calendar. Sadly, this year there was no 2019 version. However, I highly recommend turning them into framed art. You can still purchase the 2017 and 2018 versions on Amazon.

I consider calendars to be a form of art. They inspire me both to keep working towards my goals and the artists publishing their work through the medium.

This year, I had to find a new calendar to buy. And me being me, I looked through all 100 search results pages on Amazon — so you don’t have to. With that being said, enjoy this curated list of calendars from artists I admire.

Exploding Kittens

This was my choice for 2019. I’ve always been a fan of The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman, so it was nice to support an artist that I admire.

The Art of David Olenick

Take it Cheesy

The Art of David Olenick in calendar form! I’ve purchased a few of his greeting card designs over the years and enjoy his lighthearted humor.

Charley Harper Sticker Calendar

Charley Harper

Visually I love the style of his work. This edition of his calendar includes cute stickers to personalize with.

Heart and Brain

Heart & Brain

From the Awkward Yeti ( Nick Seluk ) is the totally relatable yet cute calendar, Heart & Brain.

Vader's Little Princess

Vader’s Little Princess

Cute Star Wars calendar from Jeffrey Brown. He also has Vader’s Little Princess and Darth Vader and Son as a book.

Bob Ross Calendar

Bob Ross

The legend. This has also been displayed in my household. It’s nice to see with every new year, they add different paintings than the year before.

In a Nutshell 12,019

From my favorite science Youtube channel, Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell. This was the calendar I most wanted for 2019 but unfortunately it was sold out.

Confused man standing at the subway in France

Design Thinking for Life

I was feeling overwhelmed, more accurately so “scatterbrained”, by the many areas of life that I want to work on. As a creative person, I get so excited and want to pursue all the things. Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to just focus.

Well, how do I know what to focus on?


With so much swirling in my head of what I should be doing. It was time to throw it all out there. I started out with yellow sticky notes and put everything that came to mind on my whiteboard.


Once I put it all out there, I took a step back and let it sit. I started to notice patterns emerging. I grouped those original yellow sticky notes together based on the emerging patterns. Some sticky notes went to the trash as they were tasks that needed to be completed. I’m looking for broad categories here.

From those, I came up with a few categories:

Redesigning This Blog Based on Components

Around the end of June, I decided it was time to redesign my blog. On a flight back from Disney in Orlando, Florida, I opened up Sketch and began crafting a new design.

This is what I came up with:

I’ve always built my WordPress theme from scratch. I like having as little code as possible, speed, and hand-crafting custom CSS. I’m not against frameworks, I just choose not to use one for my own site. More on that in a future post.

Then I let the design sit for a week. Great.

I was also stuck on what I wanted the mobile layout’s navigation to look like. I still have work to do on that. That’s fine. Ship it. Iterate. Repeat.

Evolving the Approach

In the past, I would have taken my own mockup, put it in Zeplin, and then start coding out the CSS from the top down. However, this time, I decided to try something different: I would look at the code as components. With this task, I was not only creating the HTML/CSS but also cleaning up the PHP & HTML that makes up the current theme.

The site would consist of: the main template structure, a blog template, the main navigation, a blog topic navigation, the search bar, a social media cluster, and the blog post content area.

To build momentum, I started out with the smaller components. Doing that ends up being a quick win, which gives you a boost of creative energy. Then repeat and knock out another; repeat it again.

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories and It’s Confused User Experience

Earlier this month, Instagram released a new feature for it’s app: Instagram Stories. This isn’t a groundbreaking new feature. It’s a feed of stories from your followers that expire in 24 hours.

Just. Like. Snapchat.
( Admittedly so. )

There is definitely a conflict of attention here. You can’t recreate a spontaneous moment to capture it for another platform. I’ve seen many Snapchat users upload videos to Instagram to share with their audience later. That is, until Snapchat introduced the Memories feature and made it much more difficult to save stories to your phone.

We’ll see if Instagram Stories takes off or not. Just due to the sheer volume of users already on Instagram, most likely it will. That being said, having two feeds competing for attention within the same app does seem to be a bit of an odd user experience.

On the other hand, for any app, increased engagement is definitely the goal and a plus.

Sketch 39 Top Features Including Symbol Resize

Resize Layers in Groups & Symbols

“You can now define how layers within groups and Symbols should move/resize when the user resizes a group or symbol.”

This is what excited me the most about the update. I have been wanting this for a long time.

Not only can you change the label of a symbol dynamically. You can now smartly resize symbols and groups. This will save so much time in day to day design activities.

Sketch Cloud (beta)

“Introducing the first version of Sketch Cloud (Beta) — a free service that lets you upload Sketch documents and share them with the world.”