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Apple ID

Trying to Merge iCloud, Mobile Me, Dot Mac, and iTunes with Apple ID

Please read carefully and patiently to understand this mess. It explains why the situation is a cluster.


In 2003, Apple launched iTunes and with it introduced iTunes Accounts. With an iTunes account you simply needed a username and password and you could purchase any of the 200,000 items for sale at the time.

Photo Editing for iPhone

The Basics

Good news, iOS includes basic photo editing features for when you need something quick and easy.

Apple’s Vision for iCloud

The reason that Apple’s vision of the cloud confuses people is that they are removing, from view, a key element of computing that we have been using for decades – “the file system”.

iCloud Fix

iCloud and Apple IDs – Quick Fix

The Problem

In my previous post, “Merge Apple IDs for iCloud to ‘Just Work'”, I mentioned that before Apple released iCloud they really should provide a way to merge a couple of accounts. Many people have a Mobile Me email address plus another “Apple ID” for iTunes purchases. Some families share accounts for purchases.

Steve Jobs, Thank You.

You Will Be Missed.

I almost didn’t write this post. Emotionally, I wasn’t sure if I could. Steve Jobs passed away yesterday; he will be missed by many. I never thought a public figure’s death would touch my heart as it has. I cried at the news. I’ve shed tears reading how Steve impacted others lives. Steve had a great impact on me and on this world. He made a dent in the universe.

Siri, the app, Ends October 15th

Really Apple?

File this under the “I’m not surprised category” because we have seen this before. If memory serves me correctly, when Apple launched the iPhone 3GS, you could only get “voice dial” with the hardware purchase.

Merge Apple IDs for iCloud to "Just Work"

Merge Apple IDs for iCloud to “Just Work”

Followup Post

Check out my followup post, iCloud and Apple IDs – Quick Fix for a fast solution to this problem.

Please Apple, let us merge Apple IDs for use with the upcoming iCloud service.

Mobile Me: Archive Email

Archive Messages

Around June of 2010, Apple refreshed the Mobile Me website. Part of that refresh was an updated webmail. In Apple’s own words:

As your inbox grows, MobileMe webmail gives you new ways to manage it — including mail rules that organize incoming messages across all your devices, single-click archiving for messages you aren’t ready to delete, and improved junk mail filtering.

Archiving is a great way for getting email out of your inbox but not deleting them. It allows for fast processing of email. Below you will find a guide for getting started with Archiving using Mobile Me on the web and your Mac.